VE/VA6  Incoming QSL Bureau      



Moved? Your bureau uses the Industry Canada Amateur database for your mailing address. The IC data base is NOT always up to date because the moved amateur hasn't told them!

The LAW is you have 30 days to provide IC with your new mailing address!

Please keep your mailing address up to date.

  How the VE/VA6 Bureau Works

Bureaus and other QSL senders from all over the world ship cards to us the cheapest and therefore the slowest way possible. We then sort them and mail them to you (if you have funds on hand at the bureau). Our objective is to mail cards 3 or 4 time per year (this is dependent on receipt of cards from the national incoming bureau) to those clients who have 3 cards or more and have funds on file. We also do a year end clearing (coordinated with receipt of a National Bureau clearing)  where we'll send  1 card or more to those who have funds on file. Client's funds on hand at the old bureau have been transferred to the new bureau as well as all the cards.

Typical time from QSO to receipt of a card via the bureau is a minimum of 1 year. This is a long process with many volunteers in the chain, plus mail delays that arise from postal systems that are a little less efficient than ours.

Cards are received from many sources:

- The Canadian National Incoming QSL Bureau (most volume here)

- Other Country's Outgoing Bureaus directly

- QSL Services

- QSL Managers

- Individual hams and SWLs

At the VE/VA6 bureau, all cards are received by "The Bureau Chief", Larry VE6KC who sorts the cards based on the first letter of the suffix. These sorted cards are then passed to the "Letter Managers" (who? see home page) to be sorted to the individual operators callsigns. The cards for those who have a funds balance at the bureau are then packaged, labeled and mailed. Cards for those who don't have a balance on hand are held for at least 24 months pending receipt of mailing funds and if no funds are received,  these cards will be DESTROYED. This is a change to our previous stated policy but is driven by the high cost of postal services. If you don't EVER want bureau cards, please let your letter manager know and he'll destroy your cards upon receipt BUT remember that if you do this you MUST advise the bureau to resume delivery. This applies to clients that have told us that, for example, they don't work HF and then start working HF again.

The incoming bureau operates as a "post office" and we deliver cards to clients to the best of our ability given the data we have. This can result in clients receiving cards that are not theirs. Please appreciate we cannot read dates, modes, bands, etc. on each of the thousands of cards we handle for you. Also there is a possibility of simple miss-sorts like a couple of cards sticking together. If the cards are not for you, please return them to us with a note or send them back though us or the National Incoming Bureau.