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About Your Bureau  
Telus has discontinued support for personal websites. As such, after 10 year of being hosted we've had to move to a new host ( The new direct link to the QSL bureau website is Please bookmark.

After 10+ good years, your QSL bureau is changing. The team has been change to bring in some new blood. Please welcome Tim, VA6TDG and Paul VA6TTX to the team. Gerry, VE6PL and Dick VE6YV have retired from active duty. Thanks for the help over the last few years. See "Your Bureau Team" link at the left for more details.

The International QSL Bureau system was established and is loosely managed by the IARU. QSL bureaus world wide handle Amateur and SWL QSLs. Some countries do not have bureaus at all, some have only outgoing bureaus while others only provide bureau services (incoming or outgoing) for their members (RSGB & DARC for examples).

RAC supports the Canadian Outgoing QSL Bureau and you must be a RAC member to use this service. The Canadian National Incoming QSL Bureau is also supported by RAC. 

The Regional Incoming Bureaus (like this one) are staffed by local volunteers and somewhat coordinated by RAC. The bureau operating costs are fully supported by you, the user.

Your VE/VA6 regional incoming bureau is operated by a few dedicated, active DXer, volunteers in Calgary and is not funded or supported by RAC or regional radio clubs. As such, there is a need to operate the bureau on a self-funding basis.

Although the Canadian Outgoing QSL Bureau use requires RAC membership, the national and regional incoming bureau service does not and are provided, though RAC support, to all licensed amateurs and SWLs.

Please keep in mind, this Bureau is for incoming cards only. All  DX/USA outgoing cards go to the RAC Outgoing Bureau. Cards for VE hams are now to be sent to  the  Canadian National Incoming QSL Bureau.

RAC Outgoing QSL Bureau                Canadian National incoming
P.O. BOX 11156                                      QSL Bureau
Station "H"                                               PO Box 51
Nepean, ON                                              Saint John, NB
K2H 7T9                                                     E2L 3X1

A few words about  the ARRL Log  Book of The World (LoTW).

The volume of Paper QSL coming in through bureaus world wide is dropping. This is largely due to the FREE service provided by the ARRL though their LoTW on-line QSL system. It provides a secure tool to match QSO records and report confirmation of your QSOs. Many awards can use these confirmations instead of cards. You may find you're not getting as many cards as you expect because the contacts you've made  have been confirmed on LoTW. We strongly suggest you register with LoTW and up-load your logs. Check it out the LoTW link on the left of this page.

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